The Bel-Art Pipettors can be used with one hand, making it simple to use.

Bel-Art Flowmi 40 Micron Cell Strainers

Code:13680-0040 SKU:13680-0040

Bel-Art Flowmi 70 Micron Cell Strainers

Code:13680-0070 SKU:13680-0070

Bel-Art Pipette Tray Rack;7-16 Places

Code:18940-0000 SKU:18940-0000

Bel-Art Pipette Support Stand;28 Places

Code:18955-0000 SKU:18955-0000

Bel-Art Rotary Pipette Stand, 94 Places

Code:18957-0000 SKU:18957-0000