We have a wide variety of carbolite application specific furnaces to fit all of your laboratory needs.

Carbolite VMF/ASTM Volatile Matter Furnace

Code:carbolite-vmf-astm SKU:VFM/ASTM

Volatile Matter Furnace 10-6

Code:carbolite-vmf-10-6 SKU:VMF 10/6

Carbolite CFM 12/1 Combustion Tube Laboratory Furnace

Code:carbolite-cfm-12-1 SKU:CFM 12/1

Carbolite CFM 12/2 Combustion Tube Laboratory Furnace

Code:carbolite-cfm-12-2 SKU:CFM 12/2

Carbolite HVTT 12/50/550 High Vacuum Tube Furnace

Code:carbolite-hvtt-12-5-550 SKU:HVTT 12/50/550

Carbolite HVTT 12/60/700 High Vacuum Tube Furnace

Code:carbolite-hvtt-12-60-700 SKU:HVTT 12/60/700

Carbolite HVTT 12/80/700 High Vacuum Tube Furnace

Code:carbolite-hvtt-12-80-700 SKU:HVTT 12/80/700

Carbolite CF 15 Cupellation Furnace

Code:carbolite-cf-15 SKU:CF 15

Carbolite CF 24 Cupellation Furnace

Code:carbolite-cf-24 SKU:CF 24

Carbolite CF 50 Cupellation Furnace

Code:carbolite-cf-50 SKU:CF 50

Carbolite MTT 12/38/850 Carbon14-Tritium Furnace

Code:carbolite-mtt-12-38-850 SKU:MTT 12/38/850