The Analytical Balances are compact in design making them perfect for laboratories with limited space. These balances have a digital display screen making it easy to read your results.

Ohaus EX124 Explorer Analytical Balance

MSRP: $3,675.00 Price: $3,123.75

Code:EX124 SKU:EX124

Ohaus EX125D Explorer Semi-Micro

MSRP: $5,100.00 Price: $4,335.00

Code:EX125D SKU:EX125D

Ohaus EX125 Explorer Semi Micro

MSRP: $6,400.00 Price: $5,440.00

Code:EX125 SKU:EX125

Ohaus EX225D Explorer Semi-Micro

MSRP: $6,200.00 Price: $5,270.00

Code:EX225D SKU:EX225D

Ohaus EX225-AD Explorer Semi-Micro

MSRP: $8,820.00 Price: $7,497.00

Code:EX225-AD SKU:EX225-AD

Ohaus EX124-AD Explorer Analytical

MSRP: $5,145.00 Price: $4,373.25

Code:EX124-AD SKU:EX124-AD

Ohaus EX124N-AD Explorer Analytical

MSRP: $5,460.00 Price: $4,641.00

Code:EX124N-AD SKU:EX124N-AD

Ohaus EX224N Explorer Analytical

MSRP: $4,410.00 Price: $3,748.50

Code:EX224N SKU:EX224N

Ohaus EX224-AD Explorer Analytical

MSRP: $5,565.00 Price: $4,730.25

Code:EX224-AD SKU:EX224-AD

Ohaus EX224N-AD Explorer Analytical

MSRP: $5,880.00 Price: $4,998.00

Code:EX224N-AD SKU:EX224N-AD

Ohaus EX324N Explorer Analytical

MSRP: $5,145.00 Price: $4,373.25

Code:EX324N SKU:EX324N

Ohaus EX324-AD Explorer Analytical

MSRP: $6,195.00 Price: $5,265.75

Code:EX324-AD SKU:EX324-AD

Ohaus EX324N-AD Explorer Analytical

MSRP: $6,510.00 Price: $5,533.50

Code:EX324N-AD SKU:EX324N-AD

Ohaus AX124 Adventurer Analytical

MSRP: $3,000.00 Price: $2,550.00

Code:AX124 SKU:AX124

Ohaus AX124-E Adventurer Analytical

MSRP: $2,716.00 Price: $2,370.00

Code:AX124-E SKU:AX124-E

Ohaus AX224 Adventurer Analytical

MSRP: $3,300.00 Price: $2,805.00

Code:AX224 SKU:AX224

Ohaus Adventurer Analytical (220g)

MSRP: $3,569.00 Price: $3,033.65

Code:AX224N SKU:AX224N

Ohaus AX224-E Adventurer Analytical

MSRP: $3,007.00 Price: $2,555.95

Code:AX224-E SKU:AX224-E

Ohaus AX324 Adventurer Analytical

MSRP: $3,708.00 Price: $3,151.80

Code:AX324 SKU:AX324

Ohaus PA84 Pioneer Plus Analytical

MSRP: $1,686.00 Price: $1,433.10

Code:PA84 SKU:PA84

Ohaus PA84C Pioneer Plus Analytical

MSRP: $1,896.00 Price: $1,611.60

Code:PA84C SKU:PA84C

Ohaus PA124 Pioneer Plus Analytical

MSRP: $2,024.00 Price: $1,720.40

Code:PA124 SKU:PA124

Ohaus PA124C Pioneer Plus Analytical

MSRP: $2,234.00 Price: $1,898.90

Code:PA124C SKU:PA124C

Ohaus PA224 Pioneer Plus Analytical

MSRP: $2,248.00 Price: $1,910.80

Code:PA224 SKU:PA224

Ohaus Pioneer Plus Analytical (220G)

MSRP: $2,459.00 Price: $2,090.15

Code:PA224C SKU:PA224C

Shimadzu AP124W W Series

Code:AP124W SKU:AP124W

Shimadzu AP224W W Series

Code:AP224W SKU:AP224W

Shimadzu AP324W W Series

Code:AP324W SKU:AP324W

Shimadzu AP124X W Series

Code:AP124X SKU:AP124X

Shimadzu AP224X W Series

Code:AP224X SKU:AP224X

Shimadzu AP324X W Series

Code:AP324X SKU:AP324X

Shimadzu AP124Y Y Series

Code:AP124Y SKU:AP124Y

Shimadzu AP224Y Y Series

Code:AP224Y SKU:AP224Y

Shimadzu AP324Y Y Series

Code:AP324Y SKU:AP324Y

Shimadzu ATX84

Code:ATX84 SKU:ATX84

Shimadzu ATX124

Code:ATX124 SKU:ATX124

Shimadzu ATX224

Code:ATX224 SKU:ATX224

Shimadzu ATY64

Code:ATY64 SKU:ATY64

Shimadzu ATY124

Code:ATY124 SKU:ATY124

Shimadzu ATY224

Code:ATY224 SKU:ATY224

Shimadzu AUW320 AU Series

Code:AUW320 SKU:AUW320

Shimadzu AUW220 AU Series

Code:AUW220 SKU:AUW220

Shimadzu AUW120 AU Series

Code:AUW120 SKU:AUW120

Shimadzu AUX320 AU Series

Code:AUX320 SKU:AUX320

shimadzu AUX220 AU Series

Code:AUX220 SKU:AUX220

Shimadzu AUX120 AU Series

Code:AUX120 SKU:AUX120

Shimadzu AUY220 AU Series

Code:AUY220 SKU:AUY220

Shimadzu AUY120 AU Series

Code:AUY120 SKU:AUY120

Shimadzu AW320 AW/AX/AY Series

Code:AW320 SKU:AW320

Shimadzu AW220 AW/AX/AY Series

Code:AW220 SKU:AW220

Shimadzu AW120 AW/AX/AY Series

Code:AW120 SKU:AW120

Shimadzu AX200 AW/AX/AY Series

Code:AX200 SKU:AX200

Shimadzu AX120 AW/AX/AY Series

Code:AX120 SKU:AX120

Shimadzu AY220 AW/AX/AY Series

Code:AY220 SKU:AY220

Shimadzu AY120 AW/AX/AY Series

Code:AY120 SKU:AY120