Anaerobic chambers are used for handling items that are oxygen sensitive, need containment, or isolation control. The anaerobic chambers are replacing the vacuum jars or bags by being more cost effective and have a glove less design.

SHEL LAB BACTRON900 Anaerobic Chamber

MSRP: $29,273.00 Price: $24,882.05

Code:shel-lab-bactron900 SKU:BACTRON900

SHEL LAB Bactrox Hypoxia Chamber, 13.7 Cu. Ft. (388 L)

MSRP: $24,569.00 Price: $20,883.65

Code:shel-lab-bactrox SKU:BACTROX

CaptairPyramid Portable Glove Bag

Portable, easy-to-use glove bag with built-in gloves that can be used in the field or in the laboratory. ...more here


SHEL LAB BactronEZ Anaerobic Chamber, 300 Petri Plate Capacity, 13.7 Cu. Ft. (388 L)

MSRP: $11,395.00 Price: $9,685.75

Code:shel-lab-bactronez SKU:BACTRONEZ

SHEL LAB BACTRON300 Anaerobic Chamber, 17.6 Cu.Ft. (498 L)

MSRP: $24,150.00 Price: $20,527.50

Code:shel-lab-bactron300 SKU:BACTRON300

SHEL LAB BACTRON600 Anaerobic Chamber, 17.6 Cu.Ft. (498 L)

MSRP: $27,903.00 Price: $23,717.55

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Shel Lab BACTRONEZ Accessory Kit Model # 917-995-0005

MSRP: $3,032.00 Price: $2,577.20

Code:shel-lab-917-995-0005 SKU:917-995-0005