These Refrigerated centrifuges are easy to use and perfect for labs with limited space.

Hermle Z36HK Super High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge Model # C0036-HK

The Z36 HK is the culmination of years of experience in centrifuge design, combined with todays latest technology. With ...more here

MSRP: $13,893.47 Price: $11,809.00

Code:labnet-z36hk SKU:C0036-HK

Hermle Z326-K Refrigerated Hi-Speed Centrifuge Model # C0326-K

The Z326K Refrigerated Centrifuge accept a variety of rotors for tube sizes up to 100ml. High speed and g-force ratings ...more here

MSRP: $7,524.68 Price: $7,178.00

Code:C0326K SKU:C0326-K

D3024R High Speed Refrigerated Micro-Centrifuge

MSRP: $4,850.00 Price: $3,880.00

Code:sciolgex-d3024r SKU:92201513

Hermle Z 446K High Volume Universal Refrigerated Centrifuge Model # C0446-K

MSRP: $9,987.60 Price: $9,977.60

Code:hermle-z446K SKU:C0446-K

Hermle Z 366 K High Speed Universal Refrigerated Centrifuge Model # C0366-K

MSRP: $8,627.57 Price: $7,189.00

Code:hermle-z366-K SKU:C0366-K