Digital Timer

The LW Scientific Digital Lab Timer makes keeping track of time in your lab easy, all in one device. ...more here


LT-3500 Microplate Washer

The LT-3500 is a fully automatic microplate washer for flat, U and V-bottom strips and plates. Includes an 8-way and 12- ...more here

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5 Key Differential Counter

Code:lw-scientific-5-key SKU:CTL-DIFM-05KY

8 Key Differential Counter

Code:lw-scientific-8-key SKU:CTL-DIFM-08KY

Digital Differential Counter

Code:lw-digital SKU:CTL-DIFD-10K3

I6000 Infinity

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Reichert UNISTAT Bilirubinometer (115V) Model # 1310310C

MSRP: $6,815.00 Price: $6,133.50

Code:1310310C SKU:1310310C

Reichert UNISTAT Bilirubinometer (230V) Model # 1310311C

MSRP: $6,815.00 Price: $6,133.50

Code:1310311C SKU:1310311C

Quincy Lab 03-160 12" Strip Heater

Price: $100.00

Code:quincylab-03-160 SKU:03-160

Quincy Lab 13-160 21" Strip Heater

Price: $130.00

Code:quincylab-13-160 SKU:13-160

Quincy Lab 23-160 33" Strip Heater

Price: $165.00

Code:quincylab-23-160 SKU:23-160

Quincy Lab 1212-03 Replacement Element for 03-160

Price: $45.20

Code:quincylab-1212-03 SKU:1212-03

Quincy Lab 1212-13 Replacement Element for 13-160

Price: $48.50

Code:quincylab-1212-13 SKU:1212-13

Quincy Lab 1212-23 Replacement Element for 23-160

Price: $53.60

Code:quincylab-1212-23 SKU:1212-23